Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - Filings open next week for the political offices that are up for election this year and a Rochester man has already announced his candidacy for a seat on the City Council.

A press release from Mark Bransford says he intends to file next Tuesday for the 2nd ward seat currently held by Michael Wojcik.

Bransford is a Mayo Clinic employee who has lived in Rochester for 19 years. He is married with four children.

Why did he decide to run?
In his words:
I’m running for office to be Ward 2’s civil servant, without regard to salary, desire for multiple terms, or political ideology. If elected I will donate the unwarranted city council pay raises, because people are hurting and elected officials need to lead. I will be the voice of unity and change because I will truly listen to my constituency, ensuring the needs of Ward 2 come first. Right now they’re a distant second to single-minded visions of one person’s view of a desired future. Instead, the city council must focus on the here and now by ensuring we have responsible taxes and are creating meaningful jobs, because Rochester must maintain its charm and character, and protect our suffering, vital small businesses.”.

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