How could a sign about Covid-19 masks being required go viral in May of 2021? Well, this one has a twist. It's about masks and vaccines and promises a surcharge if you make a fuss about it. The sign has been taken down, but here it is.


Click HERE to see the sign on Spotted In Rochester on Facebook.

What the Sign Says


"But I'm Vaccinated"
- we don't care -
"I've already had covid"
-Again, we don't care
"The Rona is a hoax"
- Still don't care -
"I have a medical excuse"
- You shouldn't be out in public during a pandemic -


$50 If we have to explain why masks are mandatory
$75 If we have to hear why you disagree

Of course the comments are a gold mine of furor, laughter, jokes, and conspiracy theories...the real reason we read the comments, right?

Never Read The Comments (Always Read the Comments)!

A sign on the Great Harvest Bread Company door sparked a lot of conversation and has gone viral. Here's the sign and the comments, which you shouldn't read...but I know you will. 😉

PERSONAL NOTE: Well, not like the rest wasn't pretty personal already, but sure, everyone's got a right to comment. Blah blah blah. I have to admit to being a bit perplexed by what seems to be the anger in the comments. I didn't share those because no one needs that kinda stuff amplified.

Here's a delicious sammich I had once at GHBC. (James Rabe)
Here's a delicious sammich I had once at GHBC. (James Rabe)

I try hard to imagine us 20 years down the road from this thing. I can't do it. Maybe that's the same for anyone who has lived thru something huge like this. No telling how people will think of it until those years actually pass.

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Need someplace to sit while you enjoy a fresh slice of bread? This joint wouldn't be so bad...

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