Headlines are meant to grab your attention, and so, maybe, you think I'm stretching the truth a bit with the green bathroom talk. Maybe I'm just "hyping it up" to get the clicks for this Rochester property. Nope. When you see the bathrooms your eyes will do the whole Roger Rabbit Eyes thing.

Are You Sure You're Not Jiving Us About The Green Bathrooms?

I am certain. I'm not even afraid of over-selling them, it would be impossible. I cannot stress strongly enough how amazingly green the bathrooms are. You might just have to avert your eyes.

Alex Brainard / Dwell Realty Group
Alex Brainard / Dwell Realty Group

This duplex, at 502 4th Avenue SW, Rochester, Minnesota, is on the market for $399,900. In just under 2,700 square feet on .060 acres, there are 6 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. It was built in 1915 and it's zoned for residential income, and both sides are vacant, so it is ready and waiting.

It has a cool built-in in the dining area on one side, but really, the big thing here is the greenness of the bathrooms. I cannot overstate the likelihood of a "holy moly!" or even a "Jeese, now!" upon seeing both green bathrooms. But it's the first one that'll really knock you over.

Rochester, MN Home for Sale with TWO Wildly Green Bathrooms! $399.9k

The property description doesn't give us much and does not even MENTION the greenest bathrooms in all of Minnesota... maybe even the world.

  • Location, location, location! This duplex is located in the heart of downtown Rochester and close to everything Med City has to offer.
  • Both units are currently vacant and ready to list for rent or a great value add opportunity with commercial zoning on this block.

502 4th Avenue SW, Rochester, Minnesota 55902

Listing ID6221900

Alex Brainard
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Study questions:

  1. Which home has more charm?
  2. If you could live in the Rochester Duplex, would you redecorate, and if so, how?
  3. Discuss the amazing green bathrooms. Do you agree with James Rabe, that the first very green bathroom is a real shocker and probably the superior of the two green bathrooms? Explain your answer.

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