The other weekend, the Rochester, Minnesota Fire Department had to perform a special rescue for an adorable little family in town. Thankfully they shared a video of the moment the family was reunited so we can all watch the adorable-ness.

This happened the morning of Sunday, May 15th. The Rochester, MN Fire Department was investigating why a hen mallard duck was circling a storm drain. They learned from a community service officer who was there that the duck's babies had fallen and were stuck in the storm drain!

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Thankfully, the fire department knew what to do to help as they've performed rescues before. The video that was shared on their Facebook page is after the rescue has taken plus, but the firefighter featured says they rescued 8 little ducklings. And then my favorite part: they get reunited with mom. In the video, you can see the ducklings being released from their box and running off toward mom. One little guy almost needed a hand but he got it under control.

It's a great, good news story and it's also just an adorable story! If you see an animal that's stuck, contact the Rochester, MN Fire Department. They clearly have the tools and know-how necessary to perform a rescue. Shout out to the firefighters who were able to help those little ducks!

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