The national awards keep piling up, as Rochester was just named a top five city in another national survey!

This time, our dear Rochester was ranked the #5 city on the list of Best Cities For Living The American Dream, as compiled by the site,

Now, as the site states, just how one defines 'living the American dream,' can be up for discussion, but for the sake of their survey, the site looked at the following factors: Diversity, economic mobility, home ownership rate, home value, and unemployment rate.

Using all those factors, the number-crunchers ranked the 261 largest cities in the country. They then averaged the rankings to come up with their final list-- with Rochester taking the fifth spot. Which ain't too shabby, if you ask me. Especially for our first appearance on this list.

The site gave us points for our high home ownership and mobility rates, as well as our low unemployment rate and median home values. And even though we apparently scored low on their diversity scale, it looks like it didn't harm our ranking too much.

Aurora, Illinois (a suburb of Chicago) and West Valley, Utah (a suburb of Salt Lake City) tied for first on the list. Washington, D.C., was last. Rochester was the only city in Minnesota to place inside the top 25.

You can read more about how determined their rankings HERE.


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