Passing your latest certification training is impressive. But notching a perfect score while doing it is even MORE impressive!

But that's what a few members of the Rochester Police Department K-9 handlers and their canine partners just did-- and it's pretty cool.

Rochester Police Department (Facebook)
Rochester Police Department (Facebook)

According to a post on their Facebook page, RPD K-9 handlers and their partners recently took part in their annual narcotics detector certification, which was held last weekend. And, not surprisingly, all of them passed their certification with flying colors.

That in its own right is impressive. We've been taking our dog, Asher, to training and agility courses for a little under a year now, and getting him to do what we want isn't easy. So for these canines to perform their duties at this high a level really is quite a feat.

Even more impressive, though, was the fact that Officer Clement and K-9 partner, Wrecker, passed their certification with a perfect score! Now, THAT is pretty tough to achieve!

As the RPD Facebook post said, "A lot of hard work and dedication goes into training and maintaining a police K-9. Hats off to these gentlemen for a job well done while maintaining a high degree of professionalism and perfection!"

I couldn't agree more. Thanks for your service, officers. And congratulations on your perfect score!

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