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Usually, when we think of weather records that deal with cold temperatures in Rochester, we think of winter. But we set another cold-weather record Wednesday-- in the middle of September.

Mother Nature certainly can throw some WEIRD weather at us at times. Here were are, in only the second week of September and we set not one, but two new records for the coldest high temperature ever here in Rochester.

As we heard Wednesday, Tuesday was a nippy day here in Minnesota's Med City, when our high temperature at Rochester International Airport struggled to hit 49 degrees. That, of course, broke the previous September 8th lowest high-temperature record of 57 degrees, which see set all the way back in... 2019.

And now Thursday, the National Weather Service confirmed that Rochester set ANOTHER record for lowest high temperature ever recorded on September 9th, when the mercury topped out at a measly 47 degrees. That broke the previous record of 58 degrees which we set back in 1943.

Record cold high temperatures were also set Wednesday in Preston and Thielman in Minnesota, down in Iowa at Charles City and Olewein, and over in La Crosse, Wisconsin as well. And frost advisories were issued for many parts of Minnesota, as well, from the Twin Cities up through the Arrowhead Region along the North Shore.

As I mentioned before, things got cold enough for us at our place that we actually gave in and turned our thermostat to heat, though, it looked like it stayed warm enough that our furnace didn't actually kick in again last night.

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