Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) -  One of the victims of Thursday’s shooting in Rochester apparently wasn’t too intimidated by the shooter - he threw a rock at the man. 

A criminal complaint filed Friday against 18-year-old Jaeden Adcox includes charges of aggravated robbery and felony assault. 

The complaint says one of the victims walked outside a residence around 4:30 AM and was confronted by a masked man who pointed a gun at his head. The man demanded the victim’s money and Tramadol pills. Another man came out and that’s when the first victim dared the suspect to shoot him. The gunman then fired, hitting the first victim in the leg. The other man was grazed in the ankle. During the incident, the suspect took his mask off.

The victims recognized him as one of those who had been in the apartment. The gunman then ran off and one of the victims threw a rock at him. 

The suspect was found about a mile away by a K9, hiding under a deck. The gun he was suspected of using was recovered and the suspect’s coat was also found with a mask in one of the pockets. The victims ID’d the suspect and an officer also noted he had “a severe bruise and a fresh cut on the bridge of his nose.” 

 Adcox was arraigned Friday and his bail was set at $300,000. Adcox is currently on probation for his role in a shooting in the city last year.

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