I was diagnosed with dyslexia at a young age and realized that I'm a visual learner. I would comprehend things a lot better if I physically saw or did them. In high school, my counselor put me in a history class where the teacher taught through simulations and hands-on activities. I can still tell you what I learned in that class because I experienced history, I didn't read it. According to KTTC students at Lincoln Elementary in Rochester got the opportunity to do something similar by learning the effects of vaping through an experiment.

The article says the students used zebrafish for their experiment. They had the fish in a large tank. The students would drop-in vaping oil and track the progress of their fish. According to the article, zebrafish were used because out of all the animals that are used for testing, zebrafish show the effects of chemicals quicker.

Tuesday, the students discussed their findings. Many of the topics that were covered were the development of deformities, slow growth of the fish and the overall development of the fish. The article says that most of them reported that their fish died in the end.

I personally think that this lesson learned by these students will last a lifetime and so do the administrators involved at the school. The Olmsted County Director of Public Health wants these students to have the opportunity to do a follow up on their experiment in a bigger way at an actual lab. Isn't this a great way to promote hands-on learning?

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