High school is already hard... add social media into the mix and it makes it three times harder. When I was in high school, social media was a fairly new thing. Social media was intended to be used in a good way. Some people struggle to understand that.

KTTC claims that an Iowa School district received a grant to monitor student's social media. The district was granted $187,000 by the U.S. Department of Justice. According to Iowa City Press, the school district has not come up with a plan of attack on how they are going to monitor social media. The plan is they can use this grant to cut down on bullying that happens between students on social media. They would look for things that cornered the safety of all students. Right now, officials are allowed to look at students' Google drives and emails according to the article.

Social media has been a huge concern in the academic world. A lot of students are using Snapchat these days to bully others. When I was in high school students would use Facebook pages to bully other students. If Minnesota were to get this grant, do you think school authorities should be allowed to watch students' public profiles?

Personally, I think it would be a good thing. A lot of employers watch their employees' social media. My boss told me when he hired me that everything I put on social media shows my brand. So anything I don't want people to associate with me, I shouldn't post. I think the same should go for students. Your social media is your brand and people will judge you based on what you put out there.

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