You'll probably remember that about a month ago, we set you up with tickets to Country On The River - AND threw in the chance to meet Justin Moore.

Jayme D. from Rochester was our lucky winner of the Justin Moore meet and greet! While I broke the news to her on the phone, I decided to give her a little assignment: find out if Justin Moore really is that short! I just don't believe the hype around his height! She accepted this mission.

Jayme Davidson
Jayme Davidson

As you can see, Jayme and her sister were all smiles! After the fun weekend, she reported back to me about Justin's height. Jayme wrote me a message saying,

Hi Val! Jayme D. here, I just wanted to make sure I got back to you on the homework assignment you gave me...being I'm a teacher, it's important to lead by example.

So, turns out the rumors you have been hearing are true. I would have to agree to place Justin Moore in the 'short-errrr' category. I'm guessing 5'6-5'7-ish, however...this does NOT affect the 'big' performance he shares with his fans. Definitely fits the 'tiny but mighty' phrase. He puts on a great show!! Thanks again for the fun memory maker!! COTR was amazing!"

I think we have to give her an A+ for rocking out, and turning in a thorough report!

Personally, I agree with her too! I've seen Justin twice and he's been fantastic both times. Jayme we're so glad you had a great time at the show with your sister just in time before school starts again. Have a great school year with your "kids"!

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