We were all just trying to have a good time at Insane Inflatables when this jerk showed up.

Nobody likes "that guy" at the party, but this #rochmnrudedino has seriously been a problem lately around Rochester. Take a look at what he did to poor Accentra Credit Union and their booth this weekend!

If this guy could type at all, (but he can't because he's a T-REX with tiny arms... so there's that...) he'd probably use hashtag #sorrynotsorry. Rude.

You never know where he'll show up next! Keep a look out for him!

We'd like to give a big shout to ALL of our sponsors who joined the Insane Inflatables fun this weekend. Big thanks to National Fleet Graphics, Unraveled Escape Room, Accentra Credit Union and Rochester's International Airport! We couldn't have had all of this fun without you guys!

Be sue to join us next year!

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