It's not uncommon for parents to become coaches of their kids' teams, and though he's a big star, Justin Moore somehow finds time to coach his daughters! This rumor is true!

2014 American Country Countdown Awards - Red Carpet
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I don't know how he finds the time to do it, but he coaches his oldest daughter's basketball team back home in Arkansas. She was excited to have her dad as a coach at first, but then she was over it. Taste Of Country says he told them, "All the other kids listen to me a lot better than my daughter does; she knows everything. My dad coached all of my teams growing up, and I’m certain it was the same way. It’s fun, she’s excited about it. With a bunch of 5-year-olds it’s kind of like herding cats. My main goal is to make them fall in love with basketball and make them want to play next year. If we do that then we did our job."

What do you think? Is Justin right? Is it just about getting kids inspired to play the game?