Are you struggling not having access to any gyms in Minnesota? I'm literally going insane without one. Normally I spend at least an hour a night working out. Not having access to equipment and classes I've had to get really creative. Here are a few ways to workout when you don't have equipment at home. I have done just about all of these and it's actually kind of fun to switch things up!

1. YouTube will be your best friend. No matter if you are looking to take a dance class, maybe do some bodyweight strength stuff or just get some core in, there are free videos for that. If you follow me on Facebook, you probably saw me showing off my dance moves. I learned that dance last year from YouTube. (Sorry mom and dad for embarrassing you! Like they say practice makes perfect)

2. Do the Coronavirus (COVID-19) exercise challenge. Anytime someone mentions it, you see it on social media or you think about it do five (squats, jumping jacks, or push-ups) depending on your fitness goals. Let's just say you'll be really strong and in shape, once this all passes.

3. Every hour at quarter to, you can do some sort of exercise for a few minutes. You can do jumping jacks, squats, lunges or any other bodyweight exercises. If you are really ambitious you can get some wall sits in.

4. Make weights out of household items. You probably have some can goods, bags of flour, bags of dog food and other things that have weight to them. You can use them instead of free weights and do some of the exercises you normally do.

5. Go for a walk or a run. There may be some rain outside, but that still doesn't mean you can't go out and get some fresh air. My only recommendation is to dress for the weather.

6. Get the kids involved and create an obstacle course. Y'all can have fun jumping over pillows, tiptoe on tape and crawling under stuff. You don't realize how much of a workout that is until you try it.

7. Find a jump rope and get those feet moving. Jump roping is a great workout.

Hopefully, one of these workouts will spark your interest and help you get active until gyms reopen. If you have any other ideas let us know inside your station app.

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