One of the stories swirling around Minnesota yesterday was how Governor Mark Dayton said he'd be going to Super Bowl LII next Sunday at U.S. Bank Stadium-- and he paid for the $6,000 ticket himself. But should have had to buy his own ticket?


The whole issue is kind of sensitive one here in the Bold North, probably more so than in any other state, because of the brouhaha last year over various state officials using two suites at U.S. Bank Stadium for their own personal use.

That story surfaced shortly after the new stadium opened and caused several officials to resign. (Which, if you ask me, was totally justified. I mean, come on-- WE paid for the stadium with our tax dollars, so it doesn't seem right that a few high-placed state officials got to use the swanky high-priced suites for free. Heck, WE should be able to use them for free, am I right?!?)

But on this subject, I'm not sure how I feel. I mean, it seems like, as the official head of the state of Minnesota, the Governor (no matter who it is) ought to be able to get into the Super Bowl being held in their state without having to buy a ticket. (Besides, I doubt the Governor will be sitting in his seat watching the game much, anyway. Appearing at the Super Bowl is all about networking, pressing the flesh, and hob-nobbing with other big mucky-mucks who are there.)

So, to avoid the appearance of impropriety, our Governor plunked down his own money-- $6,000 of it-- to buy his own ticket. Problem solved, right?

Wrong. Now people across the state are complaining about how the Governor has so much money that he can afford to buy such an expensive ticket.

He can't win, it seems.

We all know the Governor came from a pretty wealthy family. (His grandfather started the famous store that once shared his last name, after all.) So, shelling out even the incredibly-steep $6,000 for a ticket probably didn't dent his checking account too much.

But it almost seems to me like he shouldn't have had to buy one in the first place-- even if he can afford it. But then again, people probably would have complained about that too. What do you think?

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