It's our favorite time of the year when it gets darker earlier... said no one. Okay, I know this is a pain, but we will make it friend. I promise!  Sunday at 2 am we set our clocks back an hour. For most of us in the digital world, our phones watches and devices will do it by themselves. If you do have a nondigital clock, don't forget to set it back before you go to bed on Sunday.

CBS News claims that 70% of Americans that were asked if they like changing their clocks twice a year say they would like to stay on standard time all the time. Webhibits claims that the reason we change our clocks is to have access to more daylight hours in the summer months. What I have always been told is that we did this for the farmers. They use to have to do everything by hand and needed more daylight to get everything done.

USA Today claims that changing the clock affects sleeping patterns. The article says that it could take anywhere from five to seven days to completely adjust to these new times. This article referenced a study done by the University of Colorado. They found that there are heart attack trends that go along with time change. When we spring forward, heart attacks increase by 25%. Then when we fall back, heart attacks decrease by 21%. So there are some health risks that go along with it.

In my opinion... which doesn't mean much. I think we should standardize the time. My friend lives in part of Arizona that doesn't do time change and she said everything runs so smooth there. I think people will be less grumpy when we spring forward and we won't have bad sleeping trends when we Fall back. What do you think? Let me know in our station app!

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