As much fun as winter can be for many across the Northland, it's always fantastic when signs for spring start popping up. It means that maybe can put our shovels away sooner than later, we can prep the lawn mower, and even try on summer clothes to see which things still fit.

The first sign of spring that I noticed this year was the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources reminding anglers that ice shelter removal deadlines were arriving, with the first being on Mach 1st.  Other things we can look forward to are the opening of Gordy's Hi-Hat, the Portland Malt Shoppe, and A & Dubbs.

While we await those Northland signs of spring to arrive, one tasty annual tradition is waiting no longer! Great news arrived Friday, March 3, when the West Duluth Dairy Queen, located at 4431 Grand Avenue, announced it was officially open for the 2023 season.

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Owner Chuck Koltes made the happy announcement Friday morning through his Facebook page, also including they would be open from 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Also included in the photo of their DQ sign was the mention of the Churro Dip Cone. If you want to start your West Duluth Dairy Queen season with that, you've made a sweet decision:

The Churro Dipped Cone is a cold, creamy DQ® vanilla soft serve cone covered in a churro-flavored cone dip and sprinkled with cinnamon-sugar.

Yes, please! I made have to try one step out of my Oreo Blizzard comfort zone.

On behalf of treat lovers across the Northland, I say welcome back West Duluth Dairy Queen, and hurry up spring!

Speaking of which, another favorite sign of spring for me is already arriving Sunday, March 12 when Daylight Saving time occurs. I think it's the best one as I don't mind losing an hour of sleep to get daylight lasting longer into the evening.

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