We're used to some weird weather here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes-- we can have thunder and lightning in the middle of a snowstorm-- but was this winter's weather so weird that more snow just fell in California than here in Minnesota?

According to the National Weather Service, that looks to be true-- more snow fell in southern California, near San Diego, than fell here in Minnesota. At least for Monday, February 19th, that is.

And, at least, up in the mountains of southern California, that is. The San Diego NWS office reported that "Snow is falling at Baldwin Lake, which is at an elevation of 6,693 feet above sea level in Southern California."

Compare that with the relatively slight amount of snow southeast Minnesota received on Monday-- the first day of our two-day winter storm that ended up dropping more ice than snow on our neck of the woods. In fact, the National Weather Service La Crosse office reported that just under a tenth of an inch of snow fell here on Monday.

So,  yeah, if you're counting the mountains near Baldwin Lake, southern California DID get more snow that southeast Minnesota. And, I'm guessing it's not too often you can say THAT!

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