With winter around the corner, many people are talking about winter attractions. I can't wait to try out ice fishing, but apparently up north, y'all also go to ice castles. Twin Cities Pioneer Press says that Stillwater Minnesota might be getting an ice castle after not having one last year. Apparently there wasn't one last year because, in 2016-2017 winter, the company doing the ice castle left a hot mess after the attraction closed.

This article says that the city council wants the attraction back. If the company and the council can come to an agreement on expectations, then we will have an ice castle within two hours of Rochester. The article says that part of the agreement will include a security deposit and an agreement that the castle is cleaned up within three weeks of the closing date.

This was a great attraction for the city of Stillwater back in 2016-2017. It brought around 100,000 people to the city. This also did wonders for the Stillwater economy. The article says that it brought in around $4.7 million dollars. That's a lot of money for a community and the city hopes that it could bring in $5 million dollars if their dream becomes a reality this year.

There are some concerns with the project so the city engineer is going to work with the company to make sure that both parties win from this attraction. Hopefully, everything gets worked out because the article makes this sound like a must-see this winter. It says that there were slides, ice seats, and other awesome photo opportunities the last time the castle was built. We will keep you updated if they decide to start building the castle later this month.

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