With Target's digital platform booming, the Minneapolis based retailer has no plans in slowing down. Target's 'Deal Days' is looking to offer deals better than another popular sale day.

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Target's 'Deal Days' with coincide with Amazon Prime Day(s), which are both slated to begin October 13th and 14th. During the pandemic, Target has seen a huge boost to their digital platform, whither it be from online shopping or curbside pick up. Both 'Deal Days' and Amazon Prime Day were supposed to take place back in July, but the current Coronavirus pandemic pushed them back a few months.

Like many other retailers, Target will not be open on Thanksgiving day and will wait until the next day to begin the Traditional Black Friday deals. But, Targets has stated that their "Black Friday deals" will begin a lot sooner, with 'Deal Days' starting off the Holiday season shopping.

Target also announced that their Holiday hires will start out at $15/Hr and will be mainly be functioning as runners for online and curbside runners.

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