Taylor Swift emerged on social media yesterday (October 31) amid growing concerns the “Blank Space” singer might do the unthinkable and remain quiet during a holiday. But she remained consistently on brand, returning to Instagram to post her 2016 Halloween costume for all to see.

Swift celebrated the holiday dressed as the Marvel anti-hero Deadpool and reportedly borrowed the costume from actor Ryan Reynolds -- who played the titular role in the 2016 film -- himself.

“Thanks [Ryan Reynolds] for this costume,” she captioned the photo. “You’re the BEST Deadpool inside contact ever,” as though her monumental wealth couldn’t have bought the costume without his help.

Is Swift wearing the actual Deadpool costume from the movie? That remains unclear, but in any case it's a close enough replica to ignore the small details.

The 1989 singer also posted several photos of the rest of her Halloween #squad, which included Gigi Hadid as a cub scout, Lily Donaldson as a space cadet, Emmie Gundler as a black swan, model Martha Hunt as Martha Brady (indicating she put her own spin on the Brady Bunch character), Kennedy Raye as a cat and Fifth Harmony’s Camila Cabello as a grandma who lost her cat (??).

Check out the Instagram posts above to see the full expanse of Taylor Swift & Co.'s 2016 Halloween costumes.

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