That shooting that happened Tuesday in northwest Rochester? Yeah, I pretty much rode right through the crime scene.

shooting scene
photo by Kim David

In case you aren't familiar with the details, police believe about six shots were fired in the parking lot at the Minnwest Bank, off 16th Avenue and 4th Street in northwest Rochester, behind the Olive Garden.

It happened just after 1 p.m. Tuesday afternoon. Well, wouldn't you know, just about 40 minutes after that, I happened by that same location on my mountain bike!

My favorite 10-mile route from our house in northwest Rochester takes me along the Cascade Trail (around Cascade Lake, where  a few local residents thought they saw an alligator earlier this spring), down 4th Street, across 16th Avenue and then continues on the trail through Kutzky Park.


As it turns out, that's right where the shooting happened. In fact, had I set out on my ride only a half hour earlier, I would've been riding right through there right when the shots were fired!

I was completely oblivious to the incident, at the time, though. I was just glad the rained finally stopped and I could finally get a ride in.

I did note several Rochester police squad cars and uniformed officers in the area, but I didn't think much of it, though, until I got back home and saw online what had happened.

Yikes. I'm glad police arrested the two guys involved. And I'm also glad nobody was hurt-- either themselves or any bystanders-- and especially guys riding by on their bikes!

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