Summer is so close! For me, that always means lots of ice cream!

If you're looking for the best places to get ice cream in southeast Minnesota, I've compiled a list of 'go to' places you should be sure to visit for a cool treat! You've probably been to a lot of them before.

Ice Cream

For me, there's no flavor better than mint chocolate chip! I'm always ordering it with M & M's! I took a poll among my new friends in Rochester, and here are four ice cream places that reign supreme in the area.


1. Flapdoodles

New South Flapdoodles
Frank Spaeth/TSM Rochester

There are two locations in the area, and everyone gave them rave reviews! The best part about this place is the crazy amount of homemade flavors you can sample. Seriously, I think I counted 24! I'm sure there are more.


2. Dairy Queen

Two-Story Dairy Queen The First To Open In Manhattan
Getty Images

Who doesn't love an old favorite? DQ never disappoints!


3. Cold Stone Creamery 


I've never had a hard time getting exactly what I'm looking for! Cold Stone is another classic, and they are always ready for me with mint chocolate chip ice cream and M&M's!


4. The Creamery (Rushford) 

Not only is is set in a historic building, it's got pizza AND ice cream all under one roof! Say no more! If you're looking for a casual family atmosphere, this is a must visit spot.


There you have it! Will you be heading to any of these ice cream spots this summer? I know I will! Am I missing any? Should we add more to the list?

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