Staying warm in Rochester can be hard to do in January! Thanks to this class, it just got a lot easier.

It all started this morning. I walked into Kelley's Quality Sewing Center in NW Rochester, and I was blown away by the variety of fabrics! Their colors and patterns were outstanding! I had no clue how to sew, but today I was going to learn how to create my own fleece mittens - and boy am I glad I learned how!

I was greeted immediately with a smile from Darlene, who remembered I'd be attending today's class.

She chose fabric for me to use (that totally fit my style!), while I met my classmates. The "Minnesota Nice" factor was real! Everyone was so friendly and complimented each other once we advanced to the next steps in the project.

Take a look at what we did!

Does that look fun to you? Kelley's is constantly running amazing sewing classes. You can literally learn anything you want to! It doesn't even matter if you're a beginner like me. Darlene (and my classmates) were more than helpful! They assisted me the whole way.

I've seen needlepoint all over Instagram lately, and I'm hoping to learn that soon too! Sewing is truly becoming trendy! Take a look at their classes (again - for ALL ages and levels of experience!) here.

Thank you guys for welcoming me today!

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