Life with three kiddos has led to many toys that are shoved under beds, in the corner of closets, or with pieces that are lost forever and can no longer be played.  Every year we go through this and every Christmas we seem to just get more. There is one gift that my kids are treasuring and will remember forever...and you can create this magic for your kids too.  

Christmas gifts are great but we have had so many throughout the years that end up

Sums up Yellowstone.  Honestly, it was farther away than it looks so don't freak out. - Jessica - TSM Rochester

collecting dust somewhere in a corner.  The kids love the gifts for the short term but as I ask them years later, “What was the best part of Christmas when you were 10?”, they aren’t bringing up memories of the toys.  They are bringing up memories of making cookies, meeting Santa at his house over in SE Rochester (yes, it is a thing), and seeing family.  The one gift that they all agree on though is the gift of time with their grandparents and family.

My mom and I had a few summers where we gathered up the kiddos, loaded up the

Family photo in Yellowstone - but we were photobombed. JW - TSM Rochester

vehicle with a lot of snacks and drove some pretty long distances to see family in New Hampshire and New York.  We’ve even explored the Tetons when we took a trip to Yellowstone.

My kids have also gone on many adventures with their other grandparents to campgrounds all over the midwest.  The adventures started in a popup camper and today, they are camping in style with a 5th wheel camper that has a tv as big as what I have in my house.  Oh, there is a/c too so no worries about camping during those super hot, 100 degree days.

Memories like those can happen for your kids and grandkids too.  Trust me...the kids will remember these moments more than any Paw Patrol stuffed animal or video game.

Coming up on January 11th - 13th, you can learn about places to explore and even walk through some amazing RV’s that Universal Marine & RV will be bringing.  The RV, Boat, Hunting, Vacation, and Home Show will be at the Mayo Civic Center in Rochester and will be jammed packed of ways to create vacation memories. Check out the links below for more info on this fun event:

What vacation spots have been your favorite?  I’d love some ideas for my next adventure. Send me a message on my Facebook page (click here) or DM me on Instagram.

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