WARNING:  Anyone in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, or Illinois that has bananas on their counter or happens to leave something sweet out for more than 2 minutes, the most annoying, little bug is going to find you.  Yes, the fruit fly is back.  If you've been trying to kill them but aren't having luck, I've got a tip that might help.

Jessica Williams

Why I hate the fruit fly...let me count the ways.

I think what annoys me the most about the fruit fly is that at one point in my life, I was actually studying to be a microbiologist and in one of my labs I was required to breed fruit flies. Although I can get fruit fries to breed without a problem in my house, I wasn't able to make it happen in a sterile lab and as a result, I failed that lab.  And now, every fall, I think the fruit flies come to my house just to remind me that I'm a failure.

Jessica Williams

Tips on how to kill fruit flies at your house.

There are a few different ways but the one that seems to work the best for me is the apple vinegar method.  Here's how to recreate it at your house:

Jessica Williams
  • Step 1:  Find a glass or container
  • Step 2:  Put an inch...or whatever amount you want (this isn't science) in the container
  • Step 3: Cover the container with saran wrap and secure it so nothing can get out.  You could use Cling Wrap or just secure the plastic with a rubber band.
  • Step 4: Cut some slits in the Saran Wrap or plastic so the fruit flies can get in.  They will be able to go in but will have a tough time finding their way out.
  • Step 5:  Wait 24 hours or so and empty out the dead fruit flies.  If the pests are still bothering you, repeat all of the steps until the problem goes away.
Jessica Williams

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Fruit flies are super annoying but people in the Midwest are doing some pretty annoying things to, like...

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