If you or someone you know works as a nurse, the results of this new survey about the most-honest profession in the United States won't be a surprise.

That's because, once again, nursing tops the annual Gallup survey of the professions that are the most honest and are the most ethical. It's not exactly a shock here in Minnesota's Med City that nurses score highly in being honest and ethical, is it?

Turns out it's not, because this year's survey marks the 18th year that nurses topped the list of honest and ethical professions. "Currently, 85% of Americans say nurses' honesty and ethical standards are "very high" or "high," essentially unchanged from the 84% who said the same in 2018," the Gallup survey noted.

Doctors are also well-represented on this year's Gallup survey, ranking third as a profession that is honest and ethical. In fact, "Medical professions in general rate highly in Americans' assessments of honesty and ethics, with at least six in 10 U.S. adults saying medical doctors, pharmacists and dentists have high levels of these virtues," Gallup said.

Engineers came in second on this year's list, with pharmacists, police officers, college professors, psychiatrists, chiropractors and the clergy rounding out the top ten most honest and ethical professions.

On the other end of the spectrum, Gallup says advertising professionals, insurance sales, car sales as well as U.S. Senators and members of Congress are on the bottom of the list when it comes to honesty and ethics. (No real surprise there, either, is it?!?) You can take a look at this year's entire Gallup survey HERE.

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