Hey! We've all been there!

There was so much going on at the 50th annual CMA Awards that we forgot something important you guys: Gretchen Wilson admitted to having a good old fashion wardrobe malfunction.

It didn't happen at the CMAs themselves, but she told Taste Of Country that it did happen on a drunken night out with Bridgette Tatum. Sadly, it also involved a nasty arm injury.

She explained further, “All I can say about this is; to my girls out there over 40; don’t go peeing in the bushes with (singer and songwriter) Bridgette Tatum, after 2AM, wearing five-inch heels. It is not that easy to get back up.” LOL! That makes for some good advice! Don't you think?

I'm lucky if I can make it with three inch heels! I couldn't imagine wearing the five inch ones she busted! That's a tragedy unto itself people!

Her arm will be in a cast for a little bit, but she is recovering.

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