The crew here at Townsquare Media headed out, garbage and recycling bags in hand, to help make Rochester A Litter Bit Better on Tuesday... and, yeah, we found some, uh, strange stuff just waiting to be picked up.

Why yes, that IS a knife I found. (Hopefully, not one used in the commission of some heinous crime. (CSJ/TSM-Rochester)

The weather was warm and sunny as we donned our fluorescent vests and gloves and headed out to our designated location, which, this year, was along three blocks of South Broadway.

Got any leftovers? Saving food is great, but when you're done, put this container in its place, would ya? (CSJ/TSM-Rochester)

Last year, we cleaned up a portion of the bike trail along the Zumbro River just off Highway-14, next to HyVee Crossroads. You can still help, too. This year's event runs through Saturday, and you can get all the information on making Rochester A Litter Bit Better HERE.

Not sure exactly what kind of brush this is, but I know it doesn't belong on the boulevard along South Broadway. (CSJ/TSM-Rochester)

Our crew split up to tackle both sides of the road. My crew worked the east side, starting near the Perkins on 19th Street, and continuing south all the way to 22nd Street. (The toughest part of making Rochester A Litter Bit Better this year? Trying to keep going while smelling the delicious beef, pork and chicken being smoked at John Hardees!)

While we found the usual old coffee cups, plastic bottles and cigarette butts-- tons of them, mind you (does anyone who smokes actually throw their butts in the trash anymore?!?)-- I also stumbled upon a few other strange finds. Check it out...

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