We're under a week now from Valentine's Day, and if you're single-- but wishing you weren't-- a new survey has found the three things you HATE hearing.


This annual survey by Singles In America, now in it's seventh year, asked singles across the country, including here in Minnesota, how it feels, what it looks like, and what it means to be single today-- especially with the romantic holiday of Valentine's Day bearing down.

It's a pretty interesting survey, and it's pretty detailed, too (you can read it all HERE), but it did list the three things that singles (who are actively looking for their mate) HATE to hear as we head into the holiday Cupid has made famous.

Check it out:

1.  "You've got to put yourself out there."
2.  "Don't be so picky."
3.  "It will happen when you least expect it."

If you're single, has anybody said any of these to you? I know before I was married, I heard these ALL THE TIME. And, while they're mainly true, it did get a little tiring to hear them. But, I will say, at least for me, #3 really WAS true. But that didn't make it any easier when I was single and wondering if I'd ever find 'the one.'

If you're single, is there a phrase YOU hate hearing? (Or hated hearing when you were single?)

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