It's one of the things for which Minnesota is famous, but Vikings quarterback Kase Keenum says we've got it wrong here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

Joe Robbins/Getty Images
Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Of course, I'm talking about the infamous Duck-Duck-Goose/Duck-Duck-Grey Duck debate, which was reignited across the country on social media thanks to the Vikings' touchdown celebration on Monday Night Football.

If you were watching the game, you saw the controversy yourself. According to, after scoring their first touchdown, the Vikings celebrated with a pre-choreographed version of the popular kids game.

ESPN's play-by-play announcer, Sean McDonough, called it Duck-Duck-Goose (which, being from Wisconsin, I know to be the correct name), but the Minnesota Internet said otherwise. Twitter and Facebook all exploded, correcting the ESPN crew about what it's actually called here in Minnesota.

Heck, even fellow Vikings Adam Thielen or Michael Floyd would agree. But quarterback Kase Keenum and Kyle Rudolph are both pretty adamant that it's not Duck-Duck-Grey Duck, it's Duck-Duck-Goose.

“It’s not gray duck. It’s goose,” the quarterback said in the story. “I’ve never actually heard of ‘Gray Duck.’ What exactly is a gray duck?”

Keenum, of course, isn't a native Minnesotan... which is exactly why he knows what the game's correct name is!

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