“My boots write the stories that sing the songs of my life. They've led me down so many different roads. I hope your boots take you on your own incredible journey.”

– Eric Church

When you go to an Eric Church show for the very first time there are several special moments to note. This song, ‘These Boots’ is one of those moments. If you’ve heard phrases beforehand like “cult following”, or “fan favorite”, this is where the rubber meets the the road, so to speak. More accurately, this is where the SOLE hits the pavement…‘These Boots’!

 TODAY, let me be your weekly guide to NEW MUSIC that really isn't new, but just plain & simply, kicks butt ! -Steve Richards ~ Quick Country Weekends

track #4 - 'These Boots' from 'Sinners Like Me'

EARLY CHURCH focuses on Eric's early years, and is for that NEW FAN who may not be familiar with Eric's early, and back catalog of music. I'll feature a different single from one of his early albums, and on occasion may include a Throwback Video, Song Lyrics, a Guitar Tab for that budding guitarist, or maybe even excerpts from a recent interview. [WATCH THE BEHIND THE SCENES VIDEO BELOW]

Eric is in it for the fans, which he has proven over & over again with his on-going efforts to keep tickets out of the hands of 'scalpers', and the secondary ticket market. The Holding My Own Tour will feature Eric Church, and only Eric Church, as he will be performing a double set each evening, with no opening act! Potentially that means about  3 hours of Eric Church Music each night on tour, and his loyal Church Choir and newly acquired fans along his winding dirt road of music are thrilled about it!

'These Boots' is very important to Eric's song repertroire at LIVE SHOWS, and his marketing instincts & savvy seems to have compelled him to create his own line of boots. Just to be clear, the song came first, then the Lucchese!

Eric Church – Behind The Scenes at the Lucchese Boot Factory


To create THESE BOOTS by Lucchese, Eric visited bootmakers and designers at the Lucchese factory in El Paso and to brain storm alongside the best in the bootmaking industry. Together, they devised three women’s styles – The Carolina, The Hell On The Heart, & The Wrecking Ball and three men’s styles called The Sinner, The Talladega, & The Outsider replete with interesting studding, stitching, exotic skins and top of the line quality leather.



Sinners Like Me is the debut album from country music artist Eric Church. Singles released from the album include "How 'Bout You", "Two Pink Lines", "Guys Like Me", and the title track, which respectively reached No. 14, No. 19, No. 17 and No. 51 on the Hot Country Songs charts. Although not released as a single, the track "Lightning" was made into a music video, which aired on the networks CMT and GAC. As of November 29, 2013, the album has sold 590,000 copies in the US.[4]

Track Listing
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Before She Does" Trent Willmon, Eric Church, Jeremy Spillman 3:19
2. "Sinners Like Me" E. Church, Spillman 3:52
3. "How 'Bout You" Brett Beavers, E. Church, Brandon Church 3:49
4. “These Boots” Michael P. Heeney, E. Church 3:48
5. "What I Almost Was" Heeney, E. Church 3:21
6. "The Hard Way" Heeney, E. Church, Casey Beathard 3:32
7. "Guys Like Me" Deric Ruttan, E. Church 3:11
8. "Lightning" E. Church 5:14
9. "Can't Take It with You" Marla Cannon-Goodman, Beathard, E. Church 4:24
10. "Pledge Allegiance to the Hag" (featuring Merle Haggard) Beavers, E. Church 4:25
11. "Two Pink Lines" Victoria Shaw, E. Church 3:27
12. "Livin' Part of Life" Liz Rose, Walt Wilkins, E. Church 4:29
Total length: 47:05

photo: Terry Greenwaldt – Rochester, MN July 2006 – Down By The Riverside Summer Concert Series - from Left to Right: Steve Richards, Eric Church, Karyn Bergen
photo: Terry Greenwaldt – Rochester, MN
July 2006 – Down By The Riverside Summer Concert Series - from Left to Right: Steve Richards, Eric Church, Karyn Bergen

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