It's not head coach Mike Zimmer, but the Vikings are set to make THIS change in the coming new year...


Yeah, we all know Sunday's game against the Bears didn't turn out the way Vikings fans across the Land of 10,000 Lakes wanted, right? And, sure enough, right away after that disappointing loss, some fans were calling for the Vikings to make a change regarding coach Mike Zimmer or general manager Rick Spielman.

Well, that ain't happening-- Vikings' owners Zygi and Mark Wilf said Monday that the team will be sticking with both Spielman and Zimmer, despite not making the playoffs this season.

But the team also announced they ARE making a change in 2019... in the turf at U.S. Bank Stadium.

That's right, despite the fact that the artificial playing surface at the billion dollar home of the Vikings isn't even three years old, according to this Associated Press story, the team is taking bids for companies to install new turf later this spring.

Now, if you recall, this last season was only the third season the Vikings have played there. It opened for the 2016 season, they played their second season there in 2017 and this past season was the third.

So what's up with replacing the turf-- which, the story says cost $1.5 million when it was installed in May of 2016-- so soon? I mean, I'm no artificial turf expert, mind you, but I'd think that when you plunk down 1.5 mil, you'd be able to get more than just three years out of it, right?!?

Well, here's what the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority said in the story:

MSFA’s stadium management company, SMG, said it and the Vikings “determined we are approaching the time where the turf needs replacing” and that "the periodic replacement of the artificial playing surface is part of the overall capital improvement plan for U.S. Bank Stadium and is typical for stadiums over time. This is to ensure the stadium remains safe and in top condition for all athletes,” SMG said in its written statement.

So there you go. I guess you can only get three seasons out of your artificial turf these days. But, hey, you can't say the Vikings aren't changing at least ONE thing for next year!

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