It's there, in bold colors of red and white, right along a busy road here in Rochester, yet NOBODY seems to take heed of what this sign says.

I'm talking about the yield sign along the Highway-52 north on-ramp, off westbound Civic Center Drive. So, say you're heading west-- like maybe you just left Hy-Vee in the Barlow Plaza, and you're going to head up to the Cities. You'd turn right off Civic Center Drive to take the on-ramp, right?

But, as you turn off Civic Center drive-- ah-hah-- THERE'S the yield sign. The one NOBODY seems to obey! It's not a big deal, unless there are cars that are turning onto the on-ramp from eastbound Highway-14.

Seeing as we live west of that intersection, my wife and I take Highway-14 east to that Highway-52 north on-ramp often. And, once you've stopped for any on-coming westbound cars on Civic Center Drive, we're supposed to be able to head straight onto the on-ramp, because cars turning right onto the on-ramp from Civic Center Drive are supposed to yield the right-of-way, as the sign says.

But just about NOBODY turning onto the on-ramp yields there!  We've been given dirty looks as we proceeded ahead by other drivers turning right off Civic Center Dive who've NOT yielded-- because they think WE should yield the right-of-way. But that's not what the sign says!

Have you ever noticed this phantom yield sign? Why does nobody pay attention to it? It's like it's not even there! It truly IS the traffic sign in Rochester that nobody obeys!

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