I've been lucky in that at all the places I've worked throughout my career, I've always had really good co-workers. But THIS guy-- from right here in Minnesota-- is the worst co-worker... EVER.

And I do mean... EVER. He's so bad, his behavior isn't just awful-- it's criminal. Literally. According to this GO-MN story, Conrrado Cruz Perez, of Minneapolis, is accused of (and you might not want to read any more if you're enjoying a lovely beverage right now) peeing in his co-worker's water bottle at work.

Yes, you read that right. He peed in her water bottle while she wasn't looking while they were both working at a Perkins restaurant in Vadnais Heights. And he didn't just do it once-- though that would be bad enough-- he allegedly did it 15 times!

Are kidding me?!? The woman finally figured it out, called police, and Conrrado confessed after police said they'd run a DNA test on the water. He said it was because he "he had to go to the bathroom and the restaurant was busy," the story said.

Why would he do such a horrible thing? Turns out he'd "expressed romantic interest" in her-- but she obviously didn't feel the same about him. So he started taking a leak in her water bottle.

I can't even. How do you do that-- 15 times, even-- without anybody else seeing you?!? Luckily, Conrrado here is facing two criminal counts of 'adulterating by bodily fluid.' (Which is a relatively new crime in Minnesota, having appeared on the book as recently as 2015, the story noted.)

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