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If you got a restful night's sleep last night, you likely have a fellow Minnesotan to thank.

I have to say, as a non-native Minnesotan but one who's lived here for the past decade, I'm continually impressed by many aspects of the Land of 10,000 Lakes. There are many great things about the North Star State, including the rich history of all the incredible products that were invented here.

I already knew that the bundt cake pan originated here, as did the Tonka Truck toys I loved when I was a kid. And, of course, there are all the incredible inventions and procedures pioneered by the world-famous Mayo Clinic right here in our own backyard in Rochester.

But I have to say I was today's days old when I found out that one of the things I spend a LOT of time with each day was invented here in the Bold North too, by a name you're probably not familiar with: James T. Elwell.

So what did the former Minnesota lawmaker invent? Why, the spring bed, of course! The Blaine Historical Society says Elwell invented the bedspring with a wire mesh (the precursor to the modern spring mattress we all likely use every night) and got it patented while he was growing up in Minneapolis, back in 1872-- when he was only 16 years old!

KSTP noted that Elwell's spring bed invention lead to his founding of the Minneapolis Furniture Company, acquiring land for several farms in Anoka County, and eventually becoming both a Minnesota state representative and senator as well.

So if you slept well last night, it's likely thanks to this fellow Minnesotan and his invention that's turning 150 years old this year. Who knew?!? And speaking of handy things invented here in Minnesota, keep scrolling to check out even more.

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