Sure, we're in the middle of Rochester's snowiest February ever, but this winter is nothing compared to the winter of 1875 in Minnesota.

Our snowfall is approaching 60 inches-- in the last three weeks alone-- and it continues to break the record for the most snow in February every time it snows. But if you want a truly cold winter, you have to head back 144 years to the winter of 1874 - 1875.

Minnesota had only been a state then for under ten years, and that winter was one for the record books in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. As the gang over in OnlyAtYourState wrote, that winter was particularly brutal for Minnesotans because of how long the cold lasted.

"That winter, the temperature stayed below 31 degrees Fahrenheit for a record 80 days in a row. For nearly three full months, Minnesotans got no reprieve from the winter cold," the site says.

Now, sure, we've had winters since then that featured much colder temperatures. Heck, just a few weeks ago we hit 30 degrees below zero. But, this winter also featured at least a few days where the temperature went well above freezing. (In fact, this Saturday, we could see temps in the mid 30's.) And the weekend after our rendezvous with this year's Polar Vortex, we had highs in the upper 30's.

But back in the winter of 1874-75 the cold snap started on December 19, 1874, and lasted through March 8 of 1875. So while we've had colder days, and snowier Februaries (like this one) that is a cold streak that has yet to be repeated here in Minnesota. (Which is just fine with me!)

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