Thomas Rhett and his wife, Lauren Akins, are one of country music fans' favorite couples, but in a recent interview, the singer confesses they've had their tough moments. Rhett opened up about a difficult time in their marriage that drove them to seek marriage counseling during on appearance on the Bobby Bones Show on Friday (Sept. 4).

The couple adopted their first child, Willa Gray, from Uganda in 2017, and it was during that time that they realized they were simply growing too far apart and needed outside counseling. Rhett was on tour in the U.S. while Lauren was in Uganda when things came to a head.

"Lauren called me because it was 9 o'clock in the morning in Uganda and ... she hears all of her friends in the background. Meanwhile, Lauren is seven months pregnant and throwing up in a bathroom in Uganda. That was when Lauren was like, 'We are living two completely separate lives right now,'" Rhett recalls (quote via People).

"That was a really humbling experience for me, just knowing what she was dealing with in a sense of aloneness while I'm kind of living life as usual," he adds. "That part was really hard for us, for sure. Kind of getting over that and going through some therapy, especially over that one night."

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Lauren Akins published a new memoir about their relationship in August titled Live In Love: Growing Together Through Life's Changes, in which she recounts her struggles in trying to maintain a separate identity for herself as her husband's fame has grown over the years. She tells People that counseling is a valuable ongoing resource in their marriage.

"It's just a place where you can learn more about yourself and learn more about your spouse and really learn how to communicate better and clearer," she says, "It's been so, so good. We just really love it."

Rhett admits to Bones that there are parts of the book "where I wish I wasn’t made out to look like such a jerk," adding, "There were certain parts in our marriage where I was a bit jerky, especially through the adoption — not that any of this was my fault."

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