Southern Minnesota has gotten WAY too much snow this winter and it's all just hanging out waiting for the weather to get warmer. And then what happens? This is a ton of snow and it needs to go somewhere. Unfortunately, that means we are prone to some bad flooding come spring.

What we really don't want is for the flooding to happen in our homes! So how can we prevent that from happening?

Ben Smith of SafeBasements spoke with KARE 11 about all of this flooding that could happen. He said, "'With this amount of snow, it's going to be more water in basements than people have seen in years.'"

Here are some tips from Ben to help prevent flooding in your home this spring:

1. Clear the snow off of your roof.

2. Get snow, ideally, 3-4 feet away from the foundation of your home.

3. Make sure your sump pump's discharge line is clear and not frozen.


Source: KARE 11


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