Spring and summer mean thunderstorms, not just here in Minnesota, but across the Midwest. And, as this dramatic video shows, it's always a good idea to respect Mother Nature!

Lightning strikes are nothing to kid about. We've all heard some loud cracks of thunder during a storm and thought, "That must've struck something really close!" right?

A few years ago, my wife and heard a really loud crash, which was followed by our power going out. Turns out, lightning had hit a transformer about a mile from our house-- and even that seemed outrageously loud.

Well, take a look at this Weather Channel video. While it was recorded near Branson, Missouri, it could have just as easily been recorded here. It shows a REALLY close lightning strike. Yikes!

The poor tree doesn't stand a chance. As the caption indicates, "lightening strikes a tree and leaves a sear mark..." Now if you're like me, sear marks are something you want on a nice rib-eye you've tossed on the grill, not a tree in your yard.

It's also, as the video notes, a good reminder why you DON'T ever want to seek shelter from a thunderstorm UNDER A TREE!

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