This is a scary and eye-opening statistic. The Minnesota State Patrol says traffic deaths due to speeding are up this time from last year.

They shared this information on their Facebook page Friday (February 19th), writing that not only are deaths attributed to speeding on the increase but they make up a good portion of the fatalities we have seen on Minnesota roads so far this year.

According to their post, about "38 percent of traffic fatalities this year can be attributed to speed." So far, at the time of their post, there had been thirty-two deaths on roads in Minnesota so far. Twelve of those are attributed to speed.

As if this wasn't scary enough, the Minnesota State Patrol says this is up from 2020. At this time last year, there were nine deaths attributed to speeding.
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the Minnesota State Patrol said there was a huge uptick in speeding.
By October of last year, the Minnesota State Patrol reported there had been over three-hundred traffic deaths up until that point. Be safe when you get behind the wheel.

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