If you're looking for a way-cool adult beverage for that next virtual happy hour during our Stay-At-Home order in Minnesota, might I recommend... the Cosmopolitan!

A few weeks ago, a video from celebrity chef Ina Garten-- the Barefoot Contessa-- went viral when she whipped up a HUGE Cosmopolitan (during the mid-morning hours, no less) in a massive shaker which she then poured it into a martini glass the size of a small birdbath. (If you haven't seen it, you can watch the video HERE.)

My wife and I were mesmerized by the video and instantly wanted to make one of Ina's Cosmos for a virtual happy hour/Zoom video conference call we were doing with friends that weekend. So, I did a little research and found not only Ina's Cosmo recipe but the recipe for the first Cosmopolitan from mixologist, Toby Ceccini, who invented the drink in New York over 30 years ago.

The recipes are pretty simple, and fairly similar except THIS reviewer, who tried both, said the original recipe is a little more citrusy and tasted less like alcohol than Ina's version. So, I made the original. The only real difference is that the original has a little more lime juice, and uses Citron, instead of regular vodka.

And, the result? It was AMAZING! (This is coming from a noted beer fan, who isn't always a big fan of the fruity-type drinks... but I AM a fan of this one!) It was crisp, refreshing, not too tart and also not too 'alcoholy' (if that's a word.) Plus, check out that amazing redish, pink color! It's the perfect spring cocktail here in Minnesota!

Here's the version I made (which made just enough for two somewhat large drinks.) Add the following to a cocktail shaker:

+ 6 ounces Citron vodka
+ 3 ounces Cointreau liqueur
+ 3 ounces lime juice (freshly squeezed)
+ 3 ounces cranberry juice

Then fill the shaker to the top with ice, shake for about 30 seconds, and pour into your favorite glass! (We used martini glasses.) Cheers!

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