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I just ran across a survey that says the favorite topping Minnesotans like on their pizza is something that shouldn't really even BE on a pizza in the first place.

National Pizza Day was back on February 9th, but thanks to a comment one of my friends just made on my socials, I happened to notice this survey about which pizza topping was the favorite in each state.

Now, over in my home state of Wisconsin, also known as America's Dairyland, I figured the favorite pizza topping would be...cheese, right? Nope-- according to this Barstool Sports survey, it's black olives. That didn't make me too suspicious, seeing as I've had black olives on pizzas many times before I moved here to Minnesota.

But when it came to which topping was Minnesota's favorite, I did a double-take. Actually, it was more like a gag. Because according to this Barstool Sports survey, the favorite pizza topping here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes was...


Tuna?!? Who puts tuna on pizza?!? Have you EVER heard of this? I've been devouring pizzas for more years than I care to admit, and I have to say I've NEVER heard of tuna as a pizza topping, though I've only been a Minnesota resident for the past decade. If it IS a Minnesota thing, I totally missed it until now.

Curiously, though, the Barstool survey doesn't offer up any proof or methodology on how they came to the conclusion that Minnesota likes tuna the best on our pizzas. Usually, these surveys are at least based on some empirical evidence-- like phrases that were the most-searched-for online or most Tweeted about.

But this survey had no explanation at all. It just listed tuna as Minnesota's favorite pizza topping. Some other curious favorite toppings included corn in Pennsylvania and carrots in New Mexico. So maybe it was all just a joke. What say you?

And speaking of pizzas, if you're now craving one-- like I am-- keep scrolling to check out the best places to get pizza here in Rochester!

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