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An outbreak of positive COVID-19 cases has given the Minnesota Twins another unscheduled off-day on Monday, April 19th.

The Twins young 2021 season has been put on pause for the last few days as the team deals with an outbreak of positive COVID-19 cases. As it stands as of mid-morning on Monday, their West Coast Roadtrip has a few holes in it, with games Saturday and Sunday also having been postponed due to the outbreak within the Twins' organization.

According to this ESPN story, the Twins are utilizing Major League Baseball's COVID Protocol as they deal with four positive COVID-19 cases. "Kyle Garlick, another unnamed Twins player and a team staff member tested positive in the two days before the postponements against the Angels, manager Rocco Baldelli said Saturday. Shortstop Andrelton Simmons already hadn't made the trip to Anaheim after testing positive early in the week, and he hadn't been around the team since Tuesday," ESPN noted.

The Twins are hoping to make up Monday's game-- the first of a three-game West Coast series with the A's in Oakland-- as part of a double-header that would be played on Tuesday.

What gets trickier, though, is making up the Saturday and Sunday games with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim that were already postponed over the weekend. The Twins aren't scheduled to be back in Los Angeles again this season, though the Angels are scheduled to head to Minnesota to take on the Twins at Target Field on July 22nd through the 25th.

ESPN went on to say that about 80 percent of Twins' organization have had both doses of the vaccine, though many are still in that 14-day period after having the second shot that is still vulnerable to the virus.

I'm a little surprised that there is still 20 percent of the Twins' organization who either haven't gotten the vaccine yet, or don't want to. I had my second shot of the Pfizer vaccine back in March already, which allowed me to travel back to Wisconsin and visit my mom (whom I hadn't seen in person in over a year.) If YOU have yet to get the vaccine-- or have questions about it-- keep scrolling to check out some frequently-asked questions about the vaccine.

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