Have you seen those claw Machines at restaurants and stores that have stuffed animals in them? I don't know about you, but I have always wanted one that was catered to adults. Good news... there is now an adult-only Claw Machine in Wisconsin.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, two bars in Milwaukee got White Claw Claw Machines installed. The owner, Scott Schafer, decided to customize the two machines to fit in these two bars.

The machines are filled with White Claw cans filled with foam, White Claw water bottles, White Claw towels, and other White Claw merchandise. It cost one dollar to play. The article says that you have a one in eight chance of winning and if you are skilled...you can get two cans at one time.

Upon hooking one or two White Claw cans, you can take it to the bar and exchange it for a real White Claw in your favorite flavor. The White Claw trend has continued to take off around the country even though it is not summer.

It looks like we might be taking a road trip to Wisconsin to check out these fun Claw Machine. If you are looking to check them out, you will have to make a stop at Jack's American Pub or Milwaukee Brat Home. This sounds like a fun weekend trip! ;)

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