Minneapolis, MN (KROC-AM News) - It appears the current University of Minnesota Homecoming King and Queen will be the last. The University of Minnesota today announced some changes to a long standing tradition in order to increase gender inclusiveness.

The U of M’s Office of Student Unions and Activities issued a statement concerning preparations for this fall’s homecoming celebrations. It says the titles of Homecoming “King and Queen” have been changed to the gender-neutral “Royalty.” The statement goes on to say the change will allow for the selection of the best student representatives regardless of their gender. That means the Homecoming Royals this year can be any combination of any gender identity.

The Office of Student Unions and Activities is now accepting applications and nominations for the 2017 Homecoming Royals. The winners, who will be selected following a series of competitions leading up to Homecoming Weekend, will each receive a scholarship and other honors.


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