What a great day! I was so honored to meet these American heroes that we're so appreciative of. I stopped by the local recruiting offices for the Army, Navy and Air Force.

We wanted to make sure they attended Harvest Jam 2016 and had a blast. They've certainly earned some time to relax and have fun! So, we hooked them up with some tickets for them, and their friends and family.

These men and women are so selfless, that their first priority is to dedicate their time to making sure we're safe. This is a daily occurrence for them. We can't thank them enough, but we feel like inviting them to Harvest Jam 2016 was a nice way to say we're thinking of them. It's also a darn good excuse to cut loose and enjoy themselves with their loved ones!

Join me in saluting these heroes, and in thanking them. If you know an American hero, please nominate them to score some tickets too, at this link.

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