Okay, don't freak out at the headline just yet. This story is one I'm happy to share, and I hope you connect to it.

When I was 12 years old, my doctor in Pittsburgh shared with me that I contribute to the 1 in 2,500 girls worldwide who has Turner Syndrome. I have it, and yes, it's pretty rare!

February is Turner Syndrome Awareness Month. I'd love to share my story with you guys, and let any fellow Turner girls know that I'm here for them too. Here's my story...

I forgot to mention a few things in this video, for fear of being "too candid" - but this is important to remember: you create your own destiny.

Sure, I might not have been designed or built to be an athlete, and no, I won't be someone's accountant (lucky for them) someday. Turner Syndrome kind of steered me in a different direction, if you will. It forced me (and my parents) to think creatively. If this was my permanent state, where was my place in the world?

I was blessed with two amazing people as parents who sat me down and said, "Hey - I know you're not fantastic at math, and that's okay. You speak really well. Think about a career using that someday!"

...the rest is history ;-)

Find out more about the Turner Syndrome Society Of The US here.

I mentioned that Minnesota has it's own TSS chapter that meets in the Twin Cities. Feel free to check them out here! Oh, and I don't have to tell you guys that Mayo is a beast when it comes to resources on this too. Just ask!

Thank you for allowing me to be so open with you! See you at this afternoon's show!

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