Ever since The Devil Wears Prada came out in 2006, we all became highly aware that "florals for spring" was SO overdone in fashion.


In the movie, famed fashion editor and fashionista Miranda Priestly sarcastically labels them "groundbreaking" while hounding her team for better (and more innovative) ideas.

For crying out loud, if the "florals for spring" fashion "rule" is poked fun at in a movie then you know the rest of the world is bored with the concept too.

I can understand where the boredom comes from. W Magazine states, " [...] the spring runways, where there were enough blossoms to stock a catalog for Oilily, a label ubiquitous in the 1970s and ’80s, which has virtually wallpapered three generations of women and children in head-to-toe floral prints. So plentiful, in fact, were the new high-impact florals that one might be forgiven for thinking that the unofficial muse of the season was Rudy Huxtable, the youngest character from The Cosby Show, who was often dressed in Oilily outfits that rivaled Bill Cosby’s sweaters in their garishness."

That means we've seen this trend every spring for at least four decades! I know, I didn't realize it either!!

We don't have to be bored with it forever. In fact, since this "boredom" with florals was made insanely obvious we've been coming up with cuter ways to wear them during our favorite time of the year to do so.

If I'm honest, I can admit that I'm not a huge floral or pastel girl - so spring isn't super exciting for me. However, I came up with a fun way to rock florals out this week.

Take a look at Tuesday's outfit. This is where I felt the desire to mix it up with florals and have them peek out every so slightly.

That, my friends, is how to put a pop of floral in your outfit without being obnoxious. I layered a floral bodysuit I have. That's seriously all I did. Anytime you can mix a small amount of floral in your outfit will come off as just enough without having to wear a bull blown floral print dress.

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