Not only was it breathtaking, we encountered some things we didn't expect!

My husband and I scored some tickets to Ice Castles in Stillwater for the weekend, so we decided to go Saturday night. My initial thoughts were, "this is going to be a family event", probably no ice bar. However, there were plenty of other ways to have fun!


Before we went to Ice Castles, we stopped at Maple Island Brewing in town. The coolest thing about this wasn't just the beer, it was the fact that (after talking to a few business owners in town) Stillwater locals really appreciate the business Ice Castles brings in each winter. Many of them expressed how awesome it was that Ice Castles keeps tourists and business coming in the winter.

We arranged a "schedule" to tour the Ice Castles ahead of time, walked from Maple Island to Ice Castles,  and were ready to go immediately. Here's what happened when we went inside.

Such a cool winter event! The colors were stunning, and there really was something for everyone there. Personally, we'd never seen anything like this before. There was the colorful views, snacks, and A FIRE SHOW to boot! Kids can enjoy sliding on the designated ice slides too!

It's certainly family friendly, but if you're wondering, it doesn't have to be. Plenty of other young couples like us enjoyed it just as much!


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